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Quick Match By: J3ff - Version Test .56

posted on 2008-01-25 09:37:41
by Jeff91


There are two values you should configure to your liking/needs: [syntax="python"]#Number of kills a player needs before the match ends neededkills = 20 #Number of Players allowed to play on each team players = 1[/syntax] This limits the number of players allowed on each team to the number set. Then they play until one of the players reaches the set amount of kills. at that time it will force all players spec and allow for new players to join a team to start it again. *Note - this should also work for CSS I would just change the es.msg commands to no longer say Rebel and Combine if you use it for CSS :) ~J3ff

Version Notes For Test .56

Updated on: 2008-01-29 01:10:50 EST by Jeff91
Patch ~J3ff

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