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by Jeff91
A game play mod based off of Castle Crashers for the 360/PS3

Castle Crashers: Source Details Version: 0.3
Updated:2009-10-18 15:40:13
Downloads: 1498

Allows players to use items from Ocarina Of Time

Zelda RPG Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2009-11-06 13:01:01
Downloads: 2510

A zombie mod with an rpg twist

10 Pints Details Version: 1.7.62
Updated:2009-12-20 00:11:29
Downloads: 10560

by Tealk
This script tries to give you the same fun like in WC3:FT for CS 1.6, now in the Source engine !

WCS 11 Races Details Version: 1.76_b3
Updated:2010-08-07 15:23:03
Downloads: 2250

D&D 3.5 Python Alpha Screenshot
Adds a Dungeons and Dragons based class and race system to CSS

D&D 3.5 Python Alpha Details Version: 1.8
Updated:2012-05-20 19:57:32
Downloads: 4829

Esse plugin tem como objetivo ajudar os server brasileiros com os comandos rpg ou rpgmenu e total mente traduzido e para vcs

RPGBrasil Details Version: EventScripts: 2.1 (orange box) or higher Auth Prov
Updated:2011-08-21 00:32:36
Downloads: 1287

World of Hell: Diablo Screenshot
Adds a Diablo 2/3 esque style play to CS:S

World of Hell: Diablo Details Version: Alpha .0.1.r1234
Updated:2011-10-31 01:24:35
Downloads: 3409

by Omega68
Regles de scout rpg vener nombreux

RPGREGLES_V1 by jo Details Version: 1
Updated:2012-01-19 14:37:12
Downloads: 1224

ZombieMod:Ranks Screenshot
RPG for ZombieMod!

ZombieMod:Ranks Details Version: 1.5
Updated:2013-02-08 16:39:00
Downloads: 4576

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