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10 Pints - Version 1.7.62

posted on 2009-11-23 17:29:32
by Largo Usagi



10 Pints A Zombie mod with RPG Aspects In 10 Pints your goal is to survive an onslaught of zombies over set time intervals, as you survive through a round, the time increases. There are 10 rounds to be beat and you have the ability to fail 5 rounds per map. Thats the game in a nutshell, now more in depth you start with only an MP5 and a USP pistol, though all guns are available in the game. As you progress you get access to better weapons, as well as equipment, to give you armor, ammo, grenades and more. Its a progressive gearing system much like the end game of an MMO, where to go further through a dungeon you need a combination of skill and gear. Ammo is scarce and 1st and is the biggest problem at 1st, then as the rounds progress they zombies get stronger forcing you to use more ammo. To see a list of commands for the game you can say help in chat, its pretty self explanatory. Zombies are knife only bots, but the maps used are all custom, though there are some compiles included with the releases, xp_italy, xp_dust and xp_dust2, these maps assist the AI in properly acting like a zombie horde, as well as keeping players out of spots they cannot reach. If there are three or more human players on the server when a human is killed they can become a zombie, they are rewarded for killing their old friends if the zombies win the round as well as a large amount of in game currency for killing a human player. It was decided that you would need at least 3 human players because it was unfair for a single human to solo vs a human zombie + the AI horde. after the round ends the humans that where turned are then set back as humans and can continue playing like normal, this is nice to alleviate doing nothing on a long round. xp_ cs_ Zombie Survival Mode is another simple concept, just survive, if one human is alive at the end of the round humans win, if they all get killed, zombies win. fy_ xh_ zm_ Zombie Hunt game mode is simple, kill as many zombies as you are capable of and after enough are dead you win, if you get whipped out before that the zombies win. de_ xe_ Zombie Escape mod got its name due to lack of a better idea but in short its king of the hill, get to a designated area and camp there for a set period of time, once that happens the humans win, if they don't get to the target and camp for the period of time in under 9 minutes or they all get killed zombies win. simple enough. The game is designed for a 32 person server, but having more or less wont hurt, well for the most part. The maps we are making are made with 32 players in mind, 6 being human survivors, and at 6 human survivors the rest would boe zombies, Human or AI. so a larger server may have problems with balancing due to additional zombies. There are custom sounds maps models, the only hint remaining that it is counter strike is the messages at the starts and ends of rounds, and the guns themselves. Once this is out of alpha there will be a thread made with more information on the mod, for now we hope you enjoy, "The Factoid Void Team" TFV DESIGN TEAM 2009-2010 Lead Programming - Brad "Largo Usagi" Sullivan Asst. Programming - Jason "BigJay517" Learst Lead Level Design - Mitch "Lanoline" Martin Mapping - Mitch "Lanoline" Martin - Brad "Largo Usagi" Sullivan Sound - Rob "odds" Milus - Brad "Largo Usagi" Sullivan - Mitch "Lanoline" Martin - Jason "BigJay517" Learst Testing - Pat "Schlong Connery" Newberry - Brad "Largo Usagi" Sullivan - Mitch "Lanoline" Martin - Jason "BigJay517" Learst - Rob "odds" Milus - Liz "The Liz" Ickes BotDB - Pat "Schlong Connery" Newberry - Brad "Largo Usagi" Sullivan Textures - Brad "Largo Usagi" Sullivan - Liz "The Liz" Ickes


extract contents of zip to cstrike directory and add es_load xpints to your auto exec and then restart your server. For better quality of game play we suggest you take the optional folder and dump that to you cstrike directory. It contains a new botdb that has been set up for our zombie mod, and without it you wont be able to fill up the opposing team with zombies with a low human player count.

Version Notes For 1.7.62

Updated on: 2009-12-20 00:11:29 EST by Largo Usagi (View Zip Contents)
-Fixed Negative credit bug in humans -Fixed strong zombie health bug -Started Bonuses as zombies for human players -This version was released fore Avenged

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