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D&D 3.5 Python Alpha ScreenShot

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D&D 3.5 Python Alpha - Version 1.8

posted on 2010-12-31 02:17:46
by spoonman184

Requires: Latest EventScripts Latest SPE


[b][color=red][size=150]Alpha version[/size][/color][/b] (That means its INCOMPLETE!) Dungeons and Dragons adds a unique leveling system to Counter Strike: Source. Each player has both a race and class that aid them, or their team mates, in different way to add more flavor and spice to standard CSS. [b]Extra sources of info:[/b] [LIST] [*][url=][/url] [*][url=][/url] (not up to date but will be worked on) [/LIST] [b]Credits[/b]: Jeff for helping me out so much :3 Fratacos for his targeting mechanic (est_getviewplayer replacement) The community for really helping me learn what Python I know


Firstly you need an install of EventScripts (latest version). Once that is working, we use the Alpha version of SPE with dynamic hooking (link below). Then extract the folder into your [b]cstrike/addons[/b] server directory. Finally add these lines to your [b]autoexec.cfg[/b]: [code]plugin_load "addons/sp_extensions_ep2" es_load getviewplayer es_load dnd[/code]

Version Notes For 1.8

Updated on: 2012-05-20 19:57:32 EST by spoonman184 (View Zip Contents)
[b]1.8[/b] [LIST] [*]Fighter Complete [*]Paladin Complete [*]Rogue Complete [*](Previous classes still need testing) [*]Weapon Restrictions somewhat tested and need implemented [/LIST]

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