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ZombieMod:Ranks - Version 1.5

posted on 2013-02-05 20:40:40
by captain master


[color=red]This addon let you play Zombiemod with RPG!Every kill you get will grant you xp. If you kill with a knife or headshot you also can get extra xp!(See Ranks.cfg) This Addon was planned for my [url=]ZombieMod:Source[/url] addon but got removed because it was full of errors and a inefficient code.It is back now, better and with a autosave feature!(It didn't save before).[/color] [color=green]Commands:[/color] [LIST] [*][color=blue]!zmstats:[/color]See your own stats! [/LIST] I recommend you to bind that command. [quote]bind <key> "say !zmstats"[/quote]


[LIST=1] [*]Download [url=]ZMSource Ranks[/url] [*]Extract to the folder [color=blue]cstrike[/color] [*]Add [color=blue]es_load zmsource_ranks[/color] to your autoexec.cfg [*]Config in [color=blue]ranks.cfg[/color] to your like [/LIST] [quote][color=blue]es_load[/color] ZMSource_Ranks[/quote] Make sure you configurated everything right before you start playing. [b]Discussion:[/b][url][/url]

Version Notes For 1.5

Updated on: 2013-02-08 16:39:00 EST by captain master (View Zip Contents)
[LIST] [*][color=red]Fixed=[/color]Secondary Weapons Error! [*][color=red]Fixed=[/color]Other Errors! [/LIST]

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