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Castle Crashers: Source - Version 0.3

posted on 2009-10-18 15:40:13
by Jeff91



This is yet another full game play conversion script for CS:Source by your's truly. This one is based off of Castle Crashers for the 360 (one of my latest addictions). The goal of this script is to create team based death-match style game play but with a few unique twists. Every player has four stats: [list][*]Strength - Damage Increase [*]Speed - Speed Increase [*]Magic - Increase magic power and unlocks new spells [*]Toughness - Health and damage reduction[/list] It addition to these there are different characters that are limited to one in use on the server at each time - to force people to use different characters :) Every there are also "animal orbs" that each player gets that give the user a small boost in some way (check the info menus in game for more on this). At the start each player only has two weapons to choose from (glock & usp) but you can gather more weapons by finding them laying around. When players die they drop items, each different color ring represents a different type of item: [list][*]Blue - Familiar [*]Yellow - Gold [*]Red - Weapon [*]Green - Food[/list] Simply run over an item to pick it up. Each weapon also gives the player different stat bonuses, again check the information menus for exact specifics. Please also note that while alot of this works this script is no where near done! I currently do not have much time to work on it but I plan to hopefully finish it up over winter holidays. Of the features listed above the only part that does not currently work is magic. Other things I plan to implement before I stamp a 1.0 on here: [list][*]Dig Spots - In castle crashers you can find/dig up buried treasure! I plan to implement this, in fact some animal orbs are only able to be found by digging [*]Add a full shopmenu - Right now the only thing you can buy from the shop are a few orbs, I plan to add food, potions, and weapons to it [*]Respawning - I plan to emulate death match style game play, going to add random spawn points as well as respawning[/list] I'm open to suggestions on other features to add from Castle Crasher fans, drop me a message or a post if you have an idea :)

Version Notes For 0.3

Updated on: 2009-10-18 15:40:13 EST by Jeff91
First pre-release version.

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