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Dead players are dropping explosive bombs

Dead Bomb Details Version: 2.0.1
Updated:2009-04-08 11:17:32
Downloads: 3646

by sn4k3
Get Skill First and after join to Pro´s Server

[29/7/07] SSBP v1.0 -Skill Before Pro- Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2007-07-29 15:24:46
Downloads: 1689

If you drop the bomb, or get shot and lose it, the bomb will automatically return to a random terrorist or the nearest terrorist after a set time.

LostBomb Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2007-11-26 13:56:28
Downloads: 3667

Bomb Buyer Screenshot
by Ratzee
If you have the bomb and you are in the bombzone, you can buy new bombs with different timers. Customisable prices, timers.

Bomb Buyer Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2009-04-11 17:52:47
Downloads: 2468

by LosNir
Sounds addon, admin commands, fun

Losnir mod Details Version: 0.1.9 STABLE
Updated:2007-08-23 02:27:59
Downloads: 3569

by jiimbob
A re-write of Jihad-mod

Bomber-mod Details Version: 2.5
Updated:2008-10-18 15:25:54
Downloads: 3403

UPDATED: Ver1.1 Spawn with a bomb in dod.

How about everyone gets a bomb ? Details Posted: 2006-08-29 22:41:39

This mod is called Event Messages. It is a very simple mod which basicly tells a message when there is an event.

Event Messages Details Version: v0.1
Updated:2008-05-31 02:38:10
Downloads: 1815

Bomb Score Modifier Screenshot
Allows you to change the score that player gets for exploding/defusing the bomb

Bomb Score Modifier Details Version: 1.2
Updated:2011-03-10 12:01:38
Downloads: 3859

by thrawn
Addon permettant de choisir entre 5 files lors du désamorçage de la bombe pour defuse plus rapidement (ou pas) plus Option pour choisir le temps avant explosion ou l'on peu choisir un file. By Darwin Tounga

Wirechoice Details Version: 2.1
Updated:2011-02-22 09:32:27
Downloads: 4574

Rush Mod [Battlefield] Screenshot
The Rush game type from battlefield brought to CS:S!

Rush Mod [Battlefield] Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2012-09-19 23:29:17
Downloads: 1168

by cchjoe
a newbies 1st official script

SpeedBomber Mod Details Posted: 2006-07-02 01:00:36

by LosNir
Sounds addon, admin commands

Losnir mod Details Version: 0.1.9
Updated:2007-08-20 04:26:39
Downloads: 6306

by onix
Permet d'afficher un message (au choix de l'admin) pour savoir où va la bombe en fonction de la réponse du porteur

Bombe Tools (Python) Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2008-09-04 02:23:58
Downloads: 5338

Gain bonuses during gameplay

pE-Reward System Details Version: v1.0
Updated:2008-04-01 02:38:39
Downloads: 1276

Player Info (Now Telling Were You Got Hit) Screenshot
by alexy88
Basic Information Script To Alert Players Of Whats Happening (Now Includes Showing Were People Got Hit)

Player Info (Now Telling Were You Got Hit) Details Version: 6.0
Updated:2008-09-15 00:38:52
Downloads: 6142


BP_Plugin-Bombtimer Details Version: 2.1
Updated:2010-05-28 14:54:48
Downloads: 5802

Create a suitcase bomb

Suitcase Bombs Details Version: 1.1
Updated:2009-10-15 19:49:29
Downloads: 2995

by BackRaw
this addon displays the exact bomb-time to all players on the server

Exact BombTimer Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2009-10-01 10:44:44
Downloads: 2680

by PDrop
Show info about server

Adverts v1.0 Details Version: v1.0
Updated:2009-10-04 15:30:20
Downloads: 1939

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