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Rush Mod [Battlefield] ScreenShot

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Rush Mod [Battlefield] - Version 1.0

posted on 2012-09-19 23:29:17
by Im the new guy

Requires: Requires latest Version of Eventscripts Requires Source SDK (Hammer world editor) Requires atleast an intermediate knowledge on hammer (prefabs, func's, entities etc).


[size=200][color=red][b]RUSH MOD[/b][/color][/size] The concept of this rush mod follows the same lines as rush on battlefield (bc2/3 etc). For those of you who are not familiar with it, here is a brief overview: There are 2 M-com stations on each stage, and a total of 3 stages per map. There are 2 teams in this game type: Attackers and Defenders. [b]Attackers [/b] Your job is to arm, hold and destroy the M-com stations in each area/stage. You start with X amount of spawn tickets (set by server admin) which are basically reinforcement/spawns. When you die, your team loses a ticket. When both objective within a stage are cleared, the stage will mark itself as cleared and the ticket reserve will be replenished back to full. Destroy all 6 objectives over 3 stages and you win the game! Get your ticket count to 0 and you lose! [b]Defenders [/b] You job is to protect and defend the M-com stations at all cost or risk losing the game. You have unlimited tickets to spawn with. If an attacker arms the M-com station in your base, you must walk into it to disarm it before the count-down reaches 0. Your secondary goal is to eliminate all attackers and bring their ticket count down to 0 before they are able to clear all 3 stages. Protect the objectives and reduce attackers tickets to 0 to win! Lose the M-com stations and you lose! The Prefab/Mod The mod uses a mixture of Eventscripts and hammer to make it work (80% hammer 20% Eventscripts) which makes Eventscripts a requirement for this prefab to operate. It has dynamic spawn points implemented (using info_teleport_destinations and logic_relays) so spawns advance with the map. An example of this is when Stage 1 is cleared. As soon as the second M-com station goes down, Defender spawn points are moved back and they are given 15 seconds to prepare for the next assault phase, and attacker spawn points are moved up to where the M-com stations were destroyed (or wherever the mapper wants to put them really). Math_counters are used to identify when both bombs in a Stage have been destroyed and it communicates with the script to replenish spawn tickets and progress through to the next stage. The bombs themselves consist of a few entities. There is a ambient_generic that hosts the bomb armed sound and a series of env_explosions and env_sprites for effects. The M-com stations themselves and Respawns are managed via Eventscripts, as well as other things like round hooking (stops the round from ending) etc. [b]Sounds cool, how do I use it? [/b] To implement this prefab/mod into your maps there are a few key things you will need. I will run through them step by step. [b]Programs:[/b] [LIST] [*]Source SDK (Hammer Editor) - STEAM [*]Eventscripts (latest Version) - [*]You will also need to install an "Auto-kick disabler" after Eventscripts has been installed. Follow the very user friendly guide here: [/LIST] Once all of the above has been uploaded to your server/downloaded onto your computer, we can begin! Go into Autoexec.cfg on your server (located at cstrike/cfg) and add es_xload rush_bomb_test then save. The next step is to create the shell of your map, put places for the bombs to go and assign where you want the teams to spawn. It is recommended you have the Defending team spawn near the M-coms, but not so close they can shoot out of their base, or be spawn camped. After the map has been created, we want to import the stations/entities in 1 stage at a time. in the attached prefab (.vmf file) there are 4 different rooms, 3 housing 2 M-com stations each and 1 that is sealed off in the middle of the map that hosts the spawn points of each team. The spawn system is simple: when a player spawns, they are instantly teleported to the info_teleport_destination. The destinations are changed as the stages progress. [b]THE ROOMS [/b] The first room in this prefab houses 2 M-com stations and all of the entities that this prefab uses: 2 x filter_activator_team, 4 x logic_relays, 3 x math_counters, 1 x point_servercommand and 1 x logic_auto. There are also 3 sets of info_teleport_destinations (spawn points). 2 belong to the attacking team and the other to the defending team. The furthest one from the M-com station is the initial spawn point for the game, so place that where you want the attacking team to start. The next set of spawn points that are facing towards the door are also for the attacking team. This is where the team will start to spawn when they have cleared Stage 1. Place this around where the M-com stations are, ready to charge at Stage 2. The last set of spawn points in this room are for the Defending team (their initial spawn as well). Place these where you would like the team to start. Copy and paste all of the entities (should be 11) and the M-com stations into your map file. You will need to edit the math_counter named bomb_site_stage_1 (may have to ungroup the entities). Open up the Properties screen (alt+enter) and click on outputs tab. Where it says "OnMaxHit bomb_site_a_door Open" you have 2 choices. Create a door (or copy and paste the one in the prefab) named bomb_site_a_door where you want the attacking team to progress through (splits the map up etc, gives the defenders time to get ready). Alternatively you can create other things like func_breakable player clip brushes by simply changing the output to: OnHitMax func_breakable_name break (delay)" The choice is yours. Do the same for the math_counter named bomb_site_stage_2, but leave named bomb_site_stage_3 alone. Go ahead to rooms 2 and 3 in the prefab and move them bomb sites and spawn points into place. At this point you should know which is which, and if not, un-group them and check the name. ct_stage1_detX ct_stage2_detX ct_stage3_detX Obviously CT spawns t_stage1_detX t_stage2_detX t_stage3_detX Obviously T spawns One thing I will mention is be sure to place the spawn points in a separate (non accessible) area of the map so players don't accidentally trigger the teleports etc. The final thing you will need to add to your map (or copy from my prefab) is the trigger_hurt. Drag them so they cover all accessible areas of your map and name one: ct_killer and the other: t_killer. These are triggered by the script at the end of the map (after M-coms are blown) or after attacker tickets are drained to end the round so SUPER IMPORTANT!! :) It is a lot of to read and if you do have any questions you are all more than welcome to post in the forum thread!


See info above Will look at making a video if I get enough requests.

Version Notes For 1.0

Updated on: 2012-09-19 23:29:17 EST by Im the new guy (View Zip Contents)
Fresh build. Dynamic spawn points added for progression.

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