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pE-Reward System - Version v1.0

posted on 2008-04-01 02:38:39


Alright, since this is my first eventscript ever go easy on me =p I started learning this stuff last morning. But hey, I'm a quick learner... Anyway, to the script; This script adds some more fun to the game by giving and taking reward bonuses. There is still more to be added but I wanted to upload it anyway. What it does now: If you are on "Terrorists" (Assuming you're playing de_dust2 or any other de_ map. - Plant the bomb and gain a $1500 reward bonus. - Be sure to stay alive after doing so. If you die and the bomb explodes, you can keep the $1500. - If you die and someone defuses the bomb afterwards, you'll lose all your cash. - If you manage to plant the bomb and stay alive even after explosion, you'll gain $16000 (max money) If you are on "Counter-Terrorists": - If someone placed the bomb, defuse it to 'steal' his reward (the $1500 will be yours instead of the planters) - If you manage to kill the planter and afterwards defuse it, you'll gain $16000! Thats basically it for now, except for this; (more to be added) If you're playing a CS_ map and you're playing Terrorists; - Let a CT come to the hostages and take them. Once the hostages are following the CT, kill him. You'll gain an extra reward for "Preventing hostages from being rescued". 'k so thats it. My first ever-self-made nice little script thingy :3


INSTALLATION: Copy the [b]es_rewardsystem.txt[b] to the [b]eventscripts/rewardsystem[/b] folder. So you have to make that folder first before doing so. add the following lines in autoexec.cfg : [b]es_load rewardsystem[/b] and [b]es_load popup[/b] The 'popup' script is a addon that allows scriptwriters to place popupwindows in their scripts (like buy menus and stuff). ALSO: I'm not 100% sure, but if the script doesn't work, try to install es_tools too. It's somewhere on this website if i'm not mistaken... Thats it :3 If you have any questions or suggestions, dont hesitate to email me at h.iedema[at] or contact me on steam. My SteamID is 'evaxi'. k, all for now! ~cheers =)

Version Notes For v1.0

Updated on: 2008-04-01 02:38:39 EST by HDPE
None. It's my first script, I'd probably start over from scratch but having the same purpose as this one. You can modify some values at the top in es_rewardsystem.txt

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