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by KillerX
Respawning: Auto or forced with spawnprotection and optional with (forced) equipment. Player with most kills is announced as leader. Optional fraglimit and events on a certain amount of kills. Great for surf maps. Highly customizable.

Battle For The Leadership with Respawn Details Version: 1.0a
Updated:2008-11-07 12:43:32
Downloads: 3713

Glocks fight Screenshot
by iDragon
Glocks fight , Spawn protect+only Glocks+Respawn ^^

Glocks fight Details Version: 1.2
Updated:2009-03-10 14:01:34
Downloads: 3586

Ski battle Screenshot
by iDragon
Ski battle it's a fun script you will love it ^^

Ski battle Details Version: 1.2
Updated:2010-03-03 09:25:35
Downloads: 3466

by PDrop
Addon what have many abilities

Respawnz Details Version: v1.0
Updated:2009-11-08 06:30:13
Downloads: 2240

by westham
When you kill some one you get some bonus!

Kill Gaining Mod Details Version: 0.4
Updated:2009-11-15 16:52:11
Downloads: 3402

The NoBlock Screenshot
by PDrop

The NoBlock Details Version: 1.5
Updated:2009-11-24 10:24:06
Downloads: 3694

by Wourok
ROD will respawn players when they die

Respawn on death {ROD} Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2009-11-25 12:45:27
Downloads: 2965

Pirate Bay German v4.1 Screenshot
Dies ist ein kleines Buy Script

Pirate Bay German v4.1 Details Version: 4.1
Updated:2009-12-19 16:25:06
Downloads: 5795

by Dav1d
All tools you need for a surf server, NoBlock (!block), Respawn, SpawnProtection

SurfTools Details Version: 0.9
Updated:2010-01-09 09:34:01
Downloads: 5309

Allow you to respawn a player

Respawn Menu Details Version: 1.1
Updated:2010-04-03 22:19:41
Downloads: 3698

Auto-Respawn for that you can always be alive / Auto-Respawn para que siempre se pueda estar vivo.

Auto-Respawn By Franc1sco Details Version: 3
Updated:2010-04-11 15:54:46
Downloads: 6170

by cardo
Megy az új css el is és a régivel is!!!

UB-MONITOR Details Version: v10.7
Updated:2012-01-08 15:01:54
Downloads: 22283

by ichthys
Respawn players when their killer dies

Ich Elimination Details Version: 0.4
Updated:2010-06-09 16:34:55
Downloads: 3030

DonatorB Screenshot
by Deathyy
A simple but dynamic donator mod.

DonatorB Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2010-07-15 18:04:19
Downloads: 2351

Scriptaz Dead Spawn Screenshot
Here is a quick addon that i wipped up.

Scriptaz Dead Spawn Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2010-07-18 08:51:48
Downloads: 2087

Auto-Respawn works 100% and very configurable Screenshot
This auto-respawn works 100%. That makes it is that when entering to a team or when they kill you then you resuscitate instantly. // Este auto-respawn funcion al 100%. Hace que al morir o que cuando entras a un equipo revives instantaneamente.

Auto-Respawn works 100% and very configurable Details Version: 3
Updated:2010-09-01 11:44:50
Downloads: 4313

Simple respawn functionality for mani admin and example of mani_basic_auth

Mani_Respawn Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2010-11-13 04:20:21
Downloads: 2184

by zoomj
Respawn players to pre-defined locations per map

respawnto Details Version: 0.1
Updated:2011-06-28 11:08:15
Downloads: 1960

Advanced Respawnsystem *New* by Jackmaster Screenshot
You can choose between alive/death players, Respawn all(Death or Alive) and instant Respawn after Death

Advanced Respawnsystem *New* by Jackmaster Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2012-02-22 11:09:54
Downloads: 2178

Benötigt es_tools ersatz z.b.(sp_extensions)Deathmatch addon mit spawnschutz + waffenmenu + spawn für tote spieler !gun !spawn änderbar

ng_deathmatch Details Version: v1
Updated:2012-08-05 07:24:16
Downloads: 1989

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