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respawnto - Version 0.1

posted on 2011-06-28 11:08:15
by zoomj

Requires: Some type ES auth system (ie. basic_auth as explained above) should be loaded before loading this addon


For every map, this plugin remembers two spawn points (t and ct). When a player of those teams spawn, and there isn't already a spawn point saved: it will be created automatically. if you don't like the position it remembered, you can set it manually with the three admin commands: [b]/set_respawn_point_t,[/b] [b]/set_respawn_point_ct[/b], and [b]/set_respawn_point_all[/b]. The command players can use to teleport to one of these locations is [b]/respawn[/b]. In addition to teleporting players to these pre-defined locations, it will also respawn dead players to them. You'll need #admin privs with the ES auth system; You can get this by making yourself admin with basic_auth (


Standard install: extract zip file from with /cstrike/ Load: es_load respawnto

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