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Ski battle - Version 1.2

posted on 2009-03-13 13:30:39
by iDragon



With this mod you can ski (or surf i'm not sure how to call this) and kill your friends :D this mod have [list=1] [*] M3 - Shotguns. [*] Ski map (it's call: slide_demat) - Thanks for DemaT for making this map for me. [*] Respawn when dead. [/list] Sorry about my bad english ^^


to load this mod please add the line bellow to your autoexec.cfg or server.cfg file: [b]es_load iski[/b] Or add the lines bellows to your rconlist.txt file: [b]"Ski battle: ON" es_load iski[/b] [b]"Ski battle: OFF" es_unload iski[/b]

Version Notes For 1.2

Updated on: 2010-03-03 09:25:35 EST by iDragon (View Zip Contents)
i taked down the mani admin plugin so you don't need it anymore

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