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Kill Gaining Mod - Version 0.4

posted on 2009-11-09 17:59:33
by westham



This is still beta buut its very very very cool! :D


in console or autoexec file add this line..: es_load kgm be sure to put the config file into cfg folder and the kgm map into addons/eventscript/

Version Notes For 0.4

Updated on: 2009-11-15 16:52:11 EST by westham (View Zip Contents)
THIS IS BETA VERSION 0.4 !!! ------------------------------------------------------------ // Kill Gaining Mod Config! // !!!DEATHMATCH SETTINGS!!! // This Allow Deathmatch kgm_respawn 1 // 1/0 - Allow/Disallow .. Warning! If this set to one then remove all ohter Deathmatch Scripts on server! .. Note: If 0 then it will disallow all ohter respawn settings // This is how long in seconds before players spawn agien kgm_delay_respawn 0.25 // This allow the Guns popup menu kgm_allow_guns_menu 1 // This is deleting the weapons there are around on the ground NOTE the time is how long after a player dies! kgm_delay_weapon_remove 0 // !!!HEADSHOT SETTINGS!!! // This is how much a player got from killing on headshot kgm_headshot_add_hp 9 // This is how much speed palyers get from killing on headshot. kgm_headshot_add_speed 2.4 // It will multiply the normal speed! // This is how long in seconds before players get back in normal speed kgm_delay_headshot_speed_reset 3 // !!!SPAWN GOD!!!! //Q. What is this good for? //A. It is good for Deathmatch and if mp_friendlyfire it will be good not just to spawn killing team mates.. :D // This will set you to take not take damage on spawn kgm_spawn_god 1 // This will set how long in seconds you have god after spawn! kgm_delay_spawn_god 2 // Kill Gaining Mod Config! ------------------------------------------------------------

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