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Make-Your-Own Achievements Screenshot
Provides an easy way to add your own achievements by EventScripts.

Make-Your-Own Achievements Details Version: v3.0.0 RC2
Updated:2009-11-29 07:04:58
Downloads: 20885

Premium Mod Screenshot
Allows players to buy Premium Accounts for there Steam IDs and get special abilities. NOT FOR COMPETITIVE PLAY!

Premium Mod Details Version: 2.0
Updated:2009-03-29 12:31:09
Downloads: 8169

Stamm 5 Final Deutsch Screenshot
by uedi
Stamm ist ein sehr Umfangreiches, Leistungsstarkes, Sicheres VIP Plugin, mehr Informationen im Innenteil

Stamm 5 Final Deutsch Details Version: 5.2
Updated:2010-04-16 09:36:50
Downloads: 9306

by jxl180
Instantly post news and announcements on multiple game servers from any web browser! Announcements, new and old, can be read by players on the server at any time!

CSS:Portal Details Version: 1.5 Beta
Updated:2009-07-05 16:32:43
Downloads: 7261

Luckgames 1.01 Updated[06.06.09] Screenshot
by uedi
Luckgames allows the player, when he is death, to type !luck, and show him a number, then he must think, if the next number is smaller or bigger, then the second number show to him, they can respawn or they can suspend the next round. With MySQL support

Luckgames 1.01 Updated[06.06.09] Details Version: 1.01
Updated:2009-06-06 11:30:52
Downloads: 2821

Stamm 5 Final English Screenshot
by uedi
Stamm is a very enormous, powerful, secure VIP Plugin, more informations in the core

Stamm 5 Final English Details Version: 5.2
Updated:2010-04-16 09:37:25
Downloads: 4426

by adminc
An SQL based authorization plugin that works with SQLIte3, MySQL, or any other python SQL module.

AF SQL Authorization Details Version: 0.0.3
Updated:2009-01-14 20:15:56
Downloads: 1597

smartDB Screenshot
smartDB allows the use of MySQL in EventScripts Python. With smartDB you can use "normal" MySQL commands, functions (eg views) and a "keystruktur" as it is already known from EventScripts.

smartDB Details Version: 0.8.3
Updated:2012-05-17 11:23:05
Downloads: 1392

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