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CSS:Portal - Version 1.5 Beta

posted on 2009-06-29 23:24:18
by jxl180


Proudly written in ESS (not ES:Python)! Server News ------------ Status: v1.0 Beta Description: Broadcast news and messages across multiple servers. ======================================= CSShout! ------------ Status: v1.0 Beta Description: Send quick messages to multiple servers. ======================================== Shout Box ------------- Status: Pre-Alpha Description: Framed shoutbox that can go on any webpage. When someone posts a message on the shoutbox, it displays not only on the shoutbox, but also on game servers. Server list is managed by the main admin. ========================================= Web server must have php and MySQL installed and running. Only the main admin who installed the script can add/remove admins and servers. Other admins can only post news and messages. This script is written under the GNU GPL, so please improve and share! There may be many bugs, so please report all bugs. commands: !news - Shows all news posts in a popup. !csspadmin - Shows the admin menu to delete posts. View video in full window. In-game screenshots coming soon...


Installing Website: 1.Upload the cssportal folder to your web server. 2. Edit includes/ and install/includes/ 3. Go to your 4. After installation, delete the install folder from your web site. Installing Addon: 1. Extract the addons folder into your game server's /cstrike directory. 2. Open es_cssportal.txt and edit the config block with your steam ID. This allows you to access !csspadmin.

Version Notes For 1.5 Beta

Updated on: 2009-07-05 16:32:43 EST by jxl180 (View Zip Contents)
Fixed bug that would only post announcements to one server when the server list contained multiple servers on the same IP, but different port.

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