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Premium Mod - Version 2.0

posted on 2009-03-22 15:49:06
by sonicsight



Premium Mod is an eventscripts addon that allows people to go to an external webhost server and use a paypal account to donate to the clan. They will then be added to a list that is loaded in by the addon and they can gain special ingame abilities. ***NOTE this requires that you have a paypal account, a webhost with MySql support, and ES_Tools. ***NOTE Only the default models are included in this package if you want to change your ct or t custom models you must download them. Please report ANY bugs,issue,suggestions to the forum page. Also +w00t it if you like it :). ****VERY IMPORTANT: If you downloaded version 1.6 you MUST update because 1.6 DOES NOT WORK.


*** If updating from 1.7 you need only delete everything in the premiumMod game folder and replace it with the file. It will generate a new settings.cfg file after you run it. Then after you edit the settings make sure to reload the mod. All: Unzip the file somewhere you can access and modify the files. Web Server: 1. Create a mySql database on your server (it doesnt have to be a new one) and add an user to it with all privileges. 2. Open up config.php in the webserver/admin folder and edit your settings 3. Open up index.php in the webserver folder (not the admin folder) and edit from lines 54 to 72 with your paypal info. (The main thing you need to change are lines 54,60,61,62,56). Also you may want to change the descriptions and listings becuase there very old and i havent changed them so there are probably spelling errors and other issues (like the coming soon after headcrab (it works)). 5. open up validate.php in the webserver/admin folder and add in your usernames/passwords to the arrays on lines 2 and 3. Users should be added in order like so: $usernames = array("admin","sonicsight"); $passwords = array("password","password2"); Those lines would make 2 users: admin with the pass password and sonicsight with the pass password2. 4. Make a new folder in you webhost like and put all the files in the webhost folder there (This file must reflect the locations you used for the setting files in the paypal info/settings.cfg. 5. Run and then delete the file (other wise people can wipe the database). Game Server: 1. Open the settings.cfg in the game/addons/eventscripts/premiumMod folder and edit all the settings to meet your needs. 2. drag and drop the cstrike folder onto yours. 3. Paste in and settings.cfg in that folder. 4. Add es_load premiumMod to your autoexec.cfg. ***NOTE: Your server must be able to connect to the internet via http other wise this mod will not work.

Version Notes For 2.0

Updated on: 2009-03-29 12:31:09 EST by sonicsight (View Zip Contents)
- added gravity option - added ct and t guns - added ct and t models - fixed small error in unreging a command

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