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AF SQL Authorization - Version 0.0.3

posted on 2009-01-14 20:15:56
by adminc


This plugin is made with 3 goals in mind: * Very easy to use * SQL Database independent * Powerful While this is not a clone, it does take ideas from the Sourcemod method of authorization. What this plugin offers: * Flag based permission * As many admin levels as you want * Works with SQLite (comes with python) * Works with MySQL (external, great for websites) * Steamid, IP, Username, and Password based authorization in any combination * Database independent (MySQL and SQLite are just examples that have been tested) * Clear and commented code makes it easy to edit.


Put the afauth folder in your eventscripts directory. The use "es_load afauth" You can also add MySQL connectivity by installing from here: Getting Started: 1. Load the plugin 2. Run the command "afauth create" You have now created the tables for you to use. To add admins, groups, etc. just type "afauth" and the menu will guide you.

Version Notes For 0.0.3

Updated on: 2009-01-14 20:15:56 EST by adminc (View Zip Contents)
This program can only uses database modules that conform to the Python DB 2.0 Specs found here:

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