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[*NEW*] Playerdetails(Playerstatus) by team-wb Screenshot
by uedi
Playerstatus shows a popup when A Player join, with many Info's about him ( see picture).

[*NEW*] Playerdetails(Playerstatus) by team-wb Details Version: 2.5
Updated:2009-09-24 06:29:52
Downloads: 8306

GunGame5 Join Message Screenshot
by Warren
A join message containing stats information. (GunGame5)

GunGame5 Join Message Details Version: 1.0.1
Updated:2008-11-17 15:11:55
Downloads: 7667

justAdmins is an addon to play sounds and send messages when an admin joins or leaves the server.

justAdmins Details Version: 1.0 27/12/08
Updated:2008-12-27 09:35:22
Downloads: 5976

Ventrilo Screenshot
by Undead
Ventrilo Connection Through Server

Ventrilo Details Version: 1.1
Updated:2009-02-15 19:51:59
Downloads: 5904

by aidden
a simple script that saves all players steamids and there username into a database file. good for finding steamids of hackers

Players Connected Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2008-11-17 06:34:43
Downloads: 6058

Servermenu v3.0 Screenshot
Server Menu for CSS Server

Servermenu v3.0 Details Version: 3.0 Fixed
Updated:2009-08-07 06:41:45
Downloads: 16219

Allows custom description to be given to players and block the server from players not listed

Player Access Control Details Version: 1.1
Updated:2008-06-09 16:27:34
Downloads: 4804

[EOC] Execute On Connect Screenshot
Led by: Sacred-Angel
Collaborators: Nemaides
A simple script that executes a command on connect

[EOC] Execute On Connect Details Version: 1.7
Updated:2010-09-21 12:01:38
Downloads: 15136

Szerver menü v3 Magyar változata Screenshot
by kajla
Szerver menü magyar nyelven! Frissítve!

Szerver menü v3 Magyar változata Details Version: 3.2
Updated:2009-09-20 06:31:37
Downloads: 7209

ConandDis - Connect and Disconnect Messages Screenshot
by Buko
This will show a message of who connects and disconnects from the server

ConandDis - Connect and Disconnect Messages Details Version: 1.2
Updated:2011-03-27 06:14:55
Downloads: 3206

Allows you to connect to a teamspeak server through in-game say command. Now allowing TeamSpeak3

Teamspeak Addon ( TS3 Compatable ) Details Version: 1.3
Updated:2009-12-26 02:47:43
Downloads: 10085

This shows when a player joins it say his steam id and ip.

Connection Details Version: 0.0.1
Updated:2009-11-17 08:06:29
Downloads: 3591

Addon that shows players steamid on connect and disconnect

Tods Validater Details Version: v1.0
Updated:2010-06-08 23:31:58
Downloads: 2764

Player Connect Messages Screenshot
Allows certain players to have customized connect messages

Player Connect Messages Details Version: RC1
Updated:2010-06-23 13:03:33
Downloads: 4886

by Buggzie
Status for when the person last connected.

Last Connected Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2009-03-31 11:16:17
Downloads: 2968

SignConnect Screenshot
Affiche le pseudo et le SteamID de ceux qui se connectent et se déconnectent du serveur et les log.

SignConnect Details Version: v1.40
Updated:2012-09-23 09:15:28
Downloads: 16847

RulesModule Screenshot
by oliVier
Addons pratique pour afficher les régles de votre server dans le tchat en tapant !rules. / Show your server rules in chat.

RulesModule Details Version: v1.4
Updated:2010-06-16 11:30:07
Downloads: 11797

Ein einfaches und schlaues System, um die SteamID vom Spieler zu sehen beim connecten auf den Server.

Steam Connect Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2010-07-06 14:33:50
Downloads: 2863

by Acid
Its a connect, disconnect script

Devil Connect Details Version: 0.1
Updated:2008-05-07 13:20:02
Downloads: 3713

Godd and basic script

welcome Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2008-10-07 12:22:48
Downloads: 3781

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