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Player Access Control - Version 1.1

posted on 2008-06-09 15:48:35
by GODJonez


This script allows admins (or anyone with "change_player_access" auth capability) to specify special description for users, based on SteamID. This text is shown when the player starts playing on a map (delayed on player_activate). Optionally the server can also be placed on restricted mode when this script will kick away everyone who has not been given a special description. This also prevents anyone unknown to the script from connecting on the server, they will be kicked (and 1 minute temp-banned to stop reconnect) automatically. The status of restricted/unrestricted server is preserved automatically over server restarts as long as the addon is running. The addon is controlled by a few console commands. These commands can be used from the server console or from client console if the client is authed for "change_player_access". The commands with their parameters are: [list] [*][b]pc_allow[/b] [i][user] [description][/i] [*][b]pc_disallow[/b] [i]user[/i] [*][b]pc_list[/b] [*][b]pc_restrict[/b] [/list] Detailed command information: [b]pc_allow[/b] [i][user] [description][/i] [list][*]Assigns a player a description and allows them to play on the server in case it is made restricted. [*]The optional [i]user[/i] parameter is the user who is to be assigned the new text. It can be userid, exact or partial name, or SteamID (SteamID also works for players who are not currently playing). If the parameter is omitted, then the last person kicked by restricted server status is assumed. [*]The optional [i]description[/i] parameter assigns a text to the user that is shown when the player starts playing on a map. If omitted, then text VIP is assumed. [/list] [b]pc_disallow[/b] [i]user[/i] [list][*]Removes a player from the known players database [*]The required parameter [i]user[/i] is either userid, exact or partial name or a SteamID. SteamID works for offline players too. [/list] [b]pc_list[/b] [list][*]Lists all the players currently assigned a text [/list] [b]pc_restrict[/b] [list][*]Toggles between restricted/unrestricted server. On restricted server only players with special description are allowed to play. [/list]


Make sure you have Auth provider configured first. Then install using [b]es_install player_control autoload[/b].

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