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[EOC] Execute On Connect ScreenShot

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[EOC] Execute On Connect - Version 1.7

posted on 2010-07-16 14:51:16
Led by Sacred-Angel
Collaborators: Nemaides


A simple script i made (my first) that would execute a command in the console of the client/player that just connected to the server, this is currently set up to be typing "Hello!, i just joined the server!" in the all chat. This can be changed in the [code]"say Hello!, i just joined the server!"[/code] line to (example) [code]"say rank"[/code] if u want to display the rank of the person who connects (only works if a rank mod is actually enabled on the server) or other, variables like "kill" and other can also be used, i will keep expanding this very simple script, and so on, write me if any problems etc.


Put the "" in your servers ...\addons\eventscripts\eoc folder (create the eoc folder) and config the "" script as your likeings...

Version Notes For 1.7

Updated on: 2010-09-21 12:01:38 EST by Sacred-Angel (View Zip Contents)
Added a "How To" comment, and the plugin is now with no errors.

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