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Word Filter - Version RC 1

posted on 2011-05-29 14:14:30
by CrAzD

Requires: ES 2.1 orangebox


This addon simply cleans up chat with however you set to. Doesn't punish players, just stops them from doing it all together. Put the words you want blocked. You only need the basic word (poop is all you need you do NOT need p00p). If you put ANYTHING other than the type options that\'s what EACH character in blocked words will be. Type options: delete, kill, random Delete: Will delete blocked words only from the message and then send the cleaned message through. Kill: Deletes and stops the entire message from being sent. Random: Changes each character of blocked words to a random character, based off of wordsFilter


Extract zip to base cstrike directory. Go to CFG/EventScripts and find "Word Filter.cfg" open and edit the settings.

Version Notes For RC 1

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