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mapfix - Version 0.2c

posted on 2010-03-24 10:33:58
by stabby



MapFix is a script which allows you to modify/edit maps serverside to some extent , without using a map editor, useful for for example: entity manipulation, adding/removing props, blocking out glitch/unbalanced spots, fixing spawnpoints, creating new spots. There is the possibility to spawn sprites automatically on blocked out/forbidden places like in the screenshot above. You can use the propmenu to build new spots you can save into .cfg files. MapFix will automatically check for presence of a cfg file name of the same name as the map saved in the cfg/mapfix folder and execute the commands inside the config file on every round start. Now includes an ingame debugging/fixing menu command (mapfix_menu) Good for tweaking maps on your server to fit your gametype or resolve glitches/bugs/secrets etc... Special thanks to [b][size=100]furchee[/b][/size] for making the included default sprite <3


1) Unzip the contents of the ZIP to your servers cstrike directory 2) Configure the script by editing cfg/mapfix.cfg 3) Add to your autoexec.cfg: es_xload mapfix 4) Restart server or load via RCON and change the map. How to use: ----------------------------------- Mapfix Commands can be executed through cfg files placed in the cfg/mapfix/ folder For instance if you want to edit the map cs_assault create a .cfg file named cs_assault.cfg in cfg/mapfix/cs_assault.cfg inside you can place mapfix commands. For instance: [b]mapfix_fire hostage_entity kill[/b] will remove all hostages. You can easily find entity indexes (identifiers for each entity in the map) by using the ingame menu or using mapfix_dump_entities and open the generated .txt file in addons/eventscripts/mapfix/dumps to get your current X Y Z coordinates type in your console: cl_showpos 1 [color=#0040FF][B]NOTE:[/b] For detailed information on entities, and inputs/outputs that can be fired via mapfix_fire etc... visit the links below:[/color] [url=]Valve Developer Community[/url] [url=]Entity List - Valve Developer Community[/url] [url=]ent_fire - Valve Developer Community[/url] List of commands: ----------------------------------- [size=150] [u][b]MapFix commands:[/b][/u] [/size] [color=#0040FF][b] mapfix_push[/b][/color] [x] [y] [z] [radius] - pushes players away from a spot. [color=#0040FF][b]mapfix_spawn[/b][/color] [model] [x] [y] [z] [x angle] [y angle] [z angle] (frozen 1/0) - spawn a prop [color=#0040FF][b]mapfix_hurt[/b][/color] [x] [y] [z] [radius] [damage] - create a spot which hurts players in/near it. [color=#0040FF][b]mapfix_freeze[/b][/color] [index] - Freezes a prop [color=#0040FF][b]mapfix_lock[/b][/color] [index] - Locks a door/button. [color=#0040FF][b]mapfix_deleteclass[/b][/color] [classname] - deletes all entities of a class. [color=#0040FF][b]mapfix_fire[/b][/color] [classname/targetname or index] [commands] [argument] - like es_fire or ent_fire but can use index for parameter. [color=#0040FF][b]mapfix_break[/b][/color] [index] - Breaks a prop or breakable [color=#0040FF][b]mapfix_forceopen[/b][/color] [index] -> Forces a door to always stay open. [color=#0040FF][b]mapfix_saferemove[/b][/color] [index] -> removes an entity [color=#0040FF][b]mapfix_dump_entities[/b][/color] -> writes all the entities on the maps and their properties to disk. [color=#0040FF][b]mapfix_menu[/b][/color] -> Opens mapfix menu for authorized users, can be used for getting entity indexes/locations, as well as spawning props, manipulating entities and other debug features, more features for the menu are coming in next version, also some more mapfix_ commands. NOTE: If you spawn a prop using the menu the mapfix command needed to spawn this prop will be printed to your console, you can copy/paste this into config files to make it easier to build new spots.

Version Notes For 0.2c

Updated on: 2010-03-24 11:52:55 EST by stabby (View Zip Contents)
0.2a-0.2c - Fixed bug with default sprite not downloading properly - Fixed bug with mapfix_menu not working

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