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BClasses Screenshot
by bonbon
A little player class addon similar to zclasses w/o the zombie 0.o

BClasses Details Version: 2.61
Updated:2008-03-05 18:04:00
Downloads: 13919

Advanced Spawn Wave by Shidobu Screenshot
by .:MiB:.
And advanced set of tools for respawning.

Advanced Spawn Wave by Shidobu Details Version: 2.0.4
Updated:2010-10-06 11:54:26
Downloads: 6217

by L1gh7
Little Level UP Script

PowerUp Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2008-12-29 01:19:02
Downloads: 1508

by Hansi
Cool Addon That Let You Choose Skills on round start!

PoWeR MoD Details Version: Beta
Updated:2010-02-15 07:45:02
Downloads: 1252

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