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BClasses - Version 2.61

posted on 2008-02-04 00:08:26
by bonbon



There are Nineteen classes: Zombie: Walks slow but has a lot of HP Ghost: Is pretty much completely invisible except for an erie grey glow Runs Fast Low HP Homer Simpson: Lots of HP Runs slow Get's drunk a lot coffe can give him speed Kitty Kat Woman: Freeze bullets Runs Fast Low HP freeze bomb Assassin: completely invisible whenever he/she talks, he/she starts to glow super jump Wizard: Regeneration Respawns 15 seconds after typing !respawn Always Spawns with an m4a1 can respawn random teammate Vampire: Leeches 25% of the damage that he does to people Partially invisible Chameleon: Can change into inanimate object can change a random teamate into vending machine Error: 500HP Only does half damage Is litterrally the error sign (no, not a typo I actually used the error sign fromt he hl2 directory :P) Really slow Players can type !zombie, !ghost, !homer, !assassin or !kitty to chose their class or, they can do it with the menu by typing Satan: 666 health can only defuse bomb like, 1/10 times becuase of slappage(physpush not with mani) Whenever is hurt, they get booted up a bit in random direction and set on fire for 0.3 seconds fire bomb Engineer: Modded weapons fire nades freeze flashes +cash ak47 low vamire mp5navy druggin m249 4 seconds god mode after hurtin someone with awp +armor m4a1 random weapon malfunction Chemist: All guns are modded When dies, becomes a black hole can use jetpack by typing !jetpack point and smoke Android: 200 HP Only headshots effect him Big and chunky, so slow Always spawns with m249 Non Headshots give health Gordon: (some guy from halflife? (requested by clan member)) High speed Super knife Lots of health Can only use knife 125/255 Invisibility Suicide Bomber: Explodes on death 200 HP Always has ak47 can explode Smuggler(Weapons dealer): Can use !give to get a weapon Has extra ammo and clip black hole nades George Bush: Calls Airstrike Is fat and slow (american) can only pick up pistols because all his weapons are in Iraq only use pistols because weapons in Iraq Can call airstrikes Noob: Yells "0MG! WTF H4X!" When headshotted Steals health from teamates "Presses" other peoples !special binds Can zoom in by typing !zoom with any weapon Can color people and objects by typing !color in console while lookign at an object Mole: Teleported to enemy base as a spy Secretly can damage enemies Is disguised Players can type !zombie, !ghost, !homer, !vampire, !wizard, !chameleon, !assassin, !satan, !engineer, !chemist, !android, !bomber, !smuggler, !bush, !noob, !mole or !kitty to chose their class or, they can do it with the menu by typing !bclass (hasn't been tested yet since thepopup on my server doens't work)

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Updated on: 2008-03-05 18:04:00 EST by bonbon
fixed some stuff

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