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Advanced Spawn Wave by Shidobu ScreenShot

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Advanced Spawn Wave by Shidobu - Version 2.0.4

posted on 2010-07-19 19:05:20
by .:MiB:.


An advanced and easy set of respawning tools. Now if you want to add maps to the map filter you must use this command. [b]Map Filter Command[/b] [syntax=es]ws_mapfilter <add/remove> <mapname>[/syntax] For example your autoexec could look like this with this command. [b]Example Autoexec[/b] [code]es_xload spawnwave ws_mapfilter add de_dust ws_mapfilter add de_dust2 ws_mapfilter add de_deathmatch[/code] But remember the you MUST load Advanced Spawn Wave before using this command. Note: When you first run the addon it creates [b]spawnwave_config.cfg[/b] file for you to config this addon with it is located in this addon's folder. [b]spawnwave_config.cfg[/b] [syntax=es] // ***************************** // *****Advanced Spawn Wave***** // ***********Config************ // ***************************** // *************************** // **Enable/Disable Settings** // *************************** // Enable/Disable telling every player at round start that spawn wave is enabled. ws_roundmsg 1 // Enable/Disable telling the player that the player is going to respawn in a form of a count down. ws_tell 1 // Enable/Disable death respawning. ws_respawn 1 // Enable/Disable showing the players how many players are alive on each team. ws_showplayers 0 // Enable/Disable showing a msg to all players how many players there are alive on each team ws_showplayers_msg_enabled 0 // Enable/Disable Displaying alive players in your server name. ws_showplayers_hostname_enabled 0 // Enable/Disable the restrictions of respawning. ws_restrict 1 // Enable/Disable the respawning by command. // Set the value to set the commands. // Setting this variable to <0> disables this feature. // Example: ws_respawn_cmd <myspawn><respawn><!respawn> ws_respawn_cmd "<0>" // Will a player be respawn after he/she joined a team? ws_team_respawn 1 // *************************** // ***Restrictions Settings*** // *************************** // Set to the team number for teams you don't want getting ASW. <2 = T/3 = CT> // Example: ws_restrict_team <3> or ws_restrict_team <2> or ws_restrict_team <2><3> ws_restrict_team "<0>" // How many lives to players get? // Set to 0 to disable. ws_restrict_lives 0 // What text do you want players to use to see how many lives they have left? ws_restrict_lives_cmd "<!lives><lives><mylives><!mylives>" // Who can use the respawn commands? // 1 = Dead / 0 = Alive // Disabled... will be reenabled next ASW update. ws_restrict_respawn_cmd "<1><0>" // *************************** // ***Show Players Settings*** // *************************** // What type of msg do you want it to be? <hudhint/centermsg> ws_showplayers_msg_type "hudhint" // Set the wanted name for your server. // Note: The first %s is the alive CT count and the second %s is the alive T count. ws_showplayers_hostname "My Server CTs:%s|Ts:%s" // ************************** // *****Respawn Settings***** // ************************** // What should the count down be? <hudhint/centermsg> ws_tell_type "centermsg" // How do you want the time to respawn be? <set/random> // Note: When using the random setting ws_time/ws_ct_time/ws_t_time are the minimum settings. ws_time_type "set" // How do you want the time to respawn be? <normal/team> // Normal = It will use the time settings from ws_time and ws_time_max. // Team = It will use the time settings from ws_time_ct/ws_time_ct_max and ws_time_t/ws_time_t_max. ws_time_mode "normal" // How long you want the until the player respawns. ws_time 2 // The max time you want the wait to be for players. ws_time_max 5 // How long you want until the ct player respawns. ws_ct_time 2 // The max time you want the wait to be for ct players. ws_ct_time_max 5 // How long you want until the t player respawns. ws_t_time 2 // The max time you want the wait to be for t players. ws_t_time_max 5 // ***************************** // *****Advanced Spawn Wave***** // ********End of Config******** // ***************************** [/syntax]


Put into your eventscripts folder and add es_load spawnwave into your autoexec.

Version Notes For 2.0.4

Updated on: 2010-10-06 11:54:26 EST by .:MiB:. (View Zip Contents)
Fixed small error, thanks to connie.

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