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Whisper *UPDATED* - Version 1.0

posted on 2011-12-26 17:35:40
by VladaSRB

Tags: css say whisper


-Players can type '/w playername , text' (/w can be changed, comma separates the name from text - useful for multi-word names) to send whispers and '/r text' to reply (/r can also be changed)! Admin commands in whisper system is just a bad joke, believe me.. ;) -However, I might make a script with all those commands where admins can do such things. -I forgot to say, while whispering, the comma has to be separated from the name! If you for eg. want to whisper somebody named Benny Hill, then you type: /w Benny Hill , hey benny, what's up? :D -Would display next: -->To Benny Hill : hey benny, what's up? :D


-Simply extract the cstrike folder to your game directory. -In autoexec.cfg type es_load whisper or simply type it in game console. -Restart the server or change the map!

Version Notes For 1.0

Updated on: 2011-12-29 05:49:33 EST by VladaSRB (View Zip Contents)
-I have deleted those admin commands, they don't suit this addon very well...

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