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Headshots - Version 1.2.1

posted on 2007-10-13 18:41:13
by Wesnc


[b]About:[/b] A small script I made so when you kill a rich or poor victim(defined by the vars in the config) you get a certain amout of money(also configable) [color=GREEN]__________________________[/color] [b]Configable Vars ( Top of the script ):[/b] [code] //----------Main Settings---------- //Money given when killed the victim es_xset wes_headshot_amt_poorvic 200 es_xset wes_headshot_amt_richvic 800 es_xset wes_headshot_amt_weapon 1200 //How much the victim is to have to gain the money amount (above) es_xset wes_headshot_poorvic 300 es_xset wes_headshot_richvic 700 es_xset wes_headshot_weapon 900 //do not include weapon_ in this var es_xset wes_headshot_weapon_wep awp //----------Advert Settings---------- es_xset wes_headshot_adverts 1 es_xset wes_headshot_advert_message1_delay "3" es_xset wes_headshot_advert_message2_delay "4" [/code] [color=GREEN]__________________________[/color] [b]Installation[/b] Create a folder within your addons/eventscripts called wes_headshot and drop the text file in there, open up autoexec.cfg located in your cfg dir and add this line: [code] es_load wes_headshot [/code] Load up CS:S and there you go! [color=GREEN]__________________________[/color]

Version Notes For 1.2.1

Updated on: 2007-10-14 10:46:49 EST by Wesnc
Version 1.2.1 -[FIX] Fixed up a few config vars (suggested by 3R10N) -[CHANGE] Changed Player_death event to player_hurt

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