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VIP Engine - Version 1.93

posted on 2011-06-05 01:00:02
by Beefaloaf


VIP Engine will handle any map with VIP data embedded inside. Typically these are as_ maps. Everything is done on the fly so, loading/unloading the script per map is not needed! Load'n'go! Linux functionality greatly improved. VIP restriction is only possible by setting ammo to 0. If I force a player to "drop" restricted weapons, they will always pickup another weapon and then drop it, if it is restricted. That makes it tough for the VIP to focus on firing a pistol :) The "Protect the VIP" radio sound is disabled, as it is the last remaing Linux issue. CFG is not in /addons/eventscripts/vipengine/ It's in /cfg/ [b]Custom Models![/b] Comes with 1 custom model, made by GSC World Publishing / [ToNic]! Get more from gamebanana (server side skins) [i]Changing models? Just reload the map![/i] [b]+woot if you like it![/b] [b]PLEASE READ VERSION NOTES BEFORE POSTING! [/b] [b]It might answer your question, or confirm a bug I already know of![/b] [b]A special thanks to Artemus for letting me use his server to troubleshoot Linux, and to beta test! [OG] Old Geezers 2[/b]


es_load vipengine

Version Notes For 1.93

Updated on: 2012-10-28 10:51:44 EST by Beefaloaf (View Zip Contents)
50% re-code. Python ES and Linux do not play well together. Many of the key commands had to be called via original ES syntax to avoid server crashes. I think Python executes it's code too fast, or doesnt "queue" commands in a likeable fashion for Linux. No more mani admin dependency. Teamswitch should be functioning. VIP now has cash set to 0, to address buymenu conflicts. VIP will be given back all cash on next round. CFG layout has been redone, please delete your old .cfg so a new one is created. CFG allows both primary and secondary weapons to be set. You MUST provide both.

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