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Sticky Nades (Orange Box) - Version 1.3

posted on 2010-12-21 10:31:30
by Cyborg_king


The Sticky Nades mod made by JoeyT2008 but for the Orange box. It also contains all the sounds, models and materials from the original mod. The versions above 1.0 include new settings, improvements and bug fixes. Please use the forum thread to post any bugs, ideas or suggestions. :)


1 Put all the folders in the cstrike folder. 2 Open in addons/eventscripts/stickynades_ob and edit the config part to your liking. 3 Put es_load stickynades_ob in your autoexec.cfg 4 Restart your server.

Version Notes For 1.3

Updated on: 2011-01-22 10:45:06 EST by Cyborg_king (View Zip Contents)
Fixed: -a namerror about an undefined variable that happened every tick when "sn_hegrenade_model" was set to 0 and "sn_hegrenade_normal_radius" and "sn_hegrenade_normal_power" to -1. -bug where the grenade would stay in the same place when the grenade hit a hosty, the grenade will now bounce instead. -possibly fixed the crash that accured on some servers after a grenade was thrown. Changed: -exceptions are now turned on in the block that runs every tick(the one that runs after the grenade is thrown); this way it’ll hopefully be easier to see what goes wrong on some servers after a grenade is thrown. -default "sn_hegrenade_stuck_power" setting is now set to 200; 180 wasn’t enough to ensure an instant kill. -Optimised code.

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