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redirectmenu - Version 0.3

posted on 2010-01-23 18:39:57
by stabby


Shows a menu for players to join other servers. when they join or type a command. fully configurable, useful for when you are moving hosts or are announcing a new server, or host a community with multiple servers. now includes option to advertise the new host / the command.


- Download the zip file - Extract it. - Configure the script by editing settings.cfg located in addons/eventscripts/redirectmenu/settings.cfg - Configure the serverlist by editing es_serverlist_db.txt located in addons/eventscripts/redirectmenu. [b]How to add more servers:[/b] - open es_serverlist_db.txt - copy the following part: [quote] "server1" { "Name" "ZMM1 zombie infection reload" "IP" "" } [/quote] beneath the old one. - change server1 to server2 - change name and IP:Port. - save the file. - upload to server. - put the extracted addons folder in your gameserver's cstrike directory. - put in your autoexec.cfg es_xload redirectmenu - Restart server or load via rcon.

Version Notes For 0.3

Updated on: 2010-01-27 10:03:08 EST by stabby (View Zip Contents)
Updates 0.2-0.3 - Added support for multiple servers. - Easier/more flexible configuration.

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