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Quad by Mattie ScreenShot

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Quad by Mattie - Version V0.1

posted on 2006-07-30 00:34:31
by Mattie


[b][size=24][color=blue]Quad[/color][/size][/b][size=24][color=blue] v0.1 by Mattie[/color] [/size] [size=16][color=blue]Quad[/color] gives the first knifer quad-damage, makes them glow, and gives them Quake-quad sound effects.[/size] [color=blue][b]Requirements:[/b][/color] [color=green]------------------------------[/color][list][*]EventScripts v1.1 Beta or higher [b]([url=]download here[/url].)[/b] [*]Some plugin (like Mani or ES_Tools) that causes players to download sounds. [/list][color=green]------------------------------[/color] [color=blue][b]Features:[/b][/color] [color=green]------------------------------[/color][list][*]First player to knife someone each round gets quad (4x) damage. [*]Players get credit for the quad damage. [*]Quad player glows menacingly in blue. [*]Quad player plays quad sound when quad is given [*]Quad player gives off tesla/spark effects and sounds whenever they deal damage [*]Quad wears off after ~10 seconds [/list][color=green]------------------------------[/color] [color=blue][b]Installation:[/b][/color] [color=green]------------------------------[/color][list][*]Download [url=][/url] [*]Unzip archive in [b]cstrike/[/b] [*]Add: [b]es_load quad[/b] to you autoexec.cfg. [*]Add the following sounds to your Mani soundlist.txt file or est_download lines:[code]"Got Quad" quad/got_quad.wav "Quad Damage" quad/quad_damage.wav "Quad Going" quad/quad_wearing_off.wav[/code] [*]Restart your server! [/list][color=green]------------------------------[/color] Let me know if you have questions or comments. Enjoy! -Mattie

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