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pubcvarlib - Version 1.00.000

posted on 2010-09-04 15:01:27
by Omega_K2


[size=150][color=blue][b]pubcvarlib - Version 1.00.000[/b][/color][/size] Posted by: [color=green]Omega_K2[/color] on [color=purple]5th September 2010[/color]. [size=150][color=blue][b]Requirements:[/b][/color][/size] [list][b][*][url=]EventScripts 2.0 or higher[/url] [/b][/list] [size=150][color=blue][b]Description:[/b] [/color] [/size] [list]pubcvarlib - Version 1.00.000 [b]What is pubcvarlib?:[/b] It simply allows you to register a public variable (eg. for addon version info) since es.makepublic doesn't seem to work properly in this release. This can be used as a temporary or permanent solution, as I'll continue you update it. [b]How can I use it?:[/b] See the (generated) docs here (or the example below): [url=]pubcvarlib docs[/url] [b]Examples:[/b] [syntax=python]import es import pubcvarlib def load(): pubcvarlib.Register('myscript_ver','1.00','This shows the version of myscript!') def unload(): pubcvarlib.Unregister('myscript_ver') [/syntax] [size=150][color=blue][b]Download:[/b] [/color] [/size] [list][b][url][/url][/b][/list] [color=blue][size=150][b]Version Notes:[/b][/size][/color] [list] [b]1.00.000:[/b] [list] [*]Public Release[/list][/list] [size=150][color=blue][b]Credits:[/b][/color][/size] [list]The following people are honoured to receive special thanks: [list] [*]None atm [/list][/list][/list]



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