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Predator Horde 1.1 beta release ScreenShot

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Predator Horde 1.1 beta release - Version 1.1.beta

posted on 2010-05-27 08:39:15
by Bioko



Predator Horde is a complete modification of CSS including a new gameplay, models, sounds and more. One side, a horde of super predators (they can only attack with a knife) who are stealth, who got lot of health, who are very fast and who can make high jumps. And annother side, a simply squad of well equiped and armed humans who can use any weapons they want (but they must buy it). A good coordination and tactic is the key of victory ! If all predators run stupidly to a group of humans, they haven't a lot of chance to win. But if they attack them from behind, kill one human and then jump to get hide, humans will not really be able to defend themselfs ! Humans must stay grouped, run carrefully and avoid dark spaces or little rooms. Note also that the mod support the objectives gameplay so when playing in a de_ map, the predators must plant the bomb and humans must prevent it. In a cs_ map, the humans must extract the hostages guarded by the predators. This possibilitie give a lot of fun especialy with the musics who are played each round ! Of course you can configure many settings such as the players health and speed, ambient sounds, predator gravity, health leech... FORUM TOPIC :


You will found all what you need in the readme.htm in the Predator Horde ZIP. The installation is detailled steps by steps !

Version Notes For 1.1.beta

Updated on: 2010-05-28 11:15:55 EST by Bioko (View Zip Contents)
predatorhorde.pyc fixed

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