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Music Python 5.0.15 - Version 5.0.15

posted on 2010-10-16 07:33:52
Led by TheCheeTaH
Collaborators: .:MiB:.


This is an upgrade to my Music Menu 4.1.xx - The idea is the same It simply allows you to listen to music online. It's now written in ESP instead of ESS. There are thousands of songs, and houdreds of artists. You browse through a menu. Music admins can type !musicforce, and a menu will show up, where he can force all/specific person, to a specific song.. NOTE: Even though this is an upgrade to Music Menu, then not all the commads are available (yet). By time, I hopefully have all the commands in this. But for now, we have: !music, !stop, !musicforce (me, person, all) and !nowplaying WARNING: It uses URLLIB to get the songs and artists, so your server will freeze when it is doing this. It shouldn't take long though. And only happens on new map and on script load. So if you just load the script on server load, then you will be fine (: -- Special thanks to K1zz4 and MiB


Extract to cstrike\ Go to the \addons\eventscripts\music\, and edit the admins Then go to \cfg\eventscripts\music\music.cfg and edit the configuration to your likes. Go back to \cfg\ and find your "autoexec.cfg"-file, and put in: es_xload music Now, restart your server, and it will run the Music Script

Version Notes For 5.0.15

Updated on: 2011-08-24 11:57:43 EST by TheCheeTaH (View Zip Contents)
- 5.0.15 Main Notes: -- Added a new server configure variable: music_tell_all --- If this is enabled, then whenever a song or radio is picked, it will tell all on server, instead of just the one that selected the song. ---- (This is currently supported for !music, !radio, !stop and !replay)

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