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Mapload - Version 3.0

posted on 2007-11-02 15:09:14
by Chrisber


You have a server which runs multiple gametypes? You want gungame, deathmatch and normal gameplay on ONE server? With Mapload you can solve your problems. Everything will be loaded fully automaticly, configs and scripts.


Extract this archive to the cstrike/ directory of the server. Now add the following to the cstrike/cfg/autoexec.cfg (maybe you have to create it): [code]es_xload mapload[/code]

Version Notes For 3.0

Updated on: 2010-01-05 21:39:26 EST by Chrisber (View Zip Contents)
Completly rewritten due to a never working previous version :D Comes now with a very powerful configuration system.

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