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by Jeff91
Allows the server owner have have different scripts for different map types.

J3ff's Scripts Manager Details Version: 2.0 Python and .txt
Updated:2008-01-10 13:23:49
Downloads: 15232

Addon Restarter, Starter and Stoper V2.0.0 Screenshot
by uedi
I hate to unload and load a Addon again and again, so i make this Addon, with this you can restart and only load or unload a Addon in the chat, it's comforably.

Addon Restarter, Starter and Stoper V2.0.0 Details Version: 2.0.0
Updated:2009-05-03 04:26:16
Downloads: 7198

Mapload Screenshot
Allows you a flexible configuration for per-map-scripts and per-map-configs

Mapload Details Version: 3.0
Updated:2010-01-05 21:39:26
Downloads: 15134

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