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iNoblock - Version 1.0

posted on 2009-07-01 13:12:20
by iDragon


Tags: css noblock


Please edit the lines bellow to the options you want (in es_inoblock.txt file) [B] // If Set To 1: NoBlock ON When round Start (Not working when "Mode" Set To "2") // If Set To 0: NoBlock OFF When Round Start (Not Working when "Mode" Set To "2") es_xsetinfo noblock_on "1" // If Set To 1: NoBlock In Chat // If Set To 2: NoBlock In menu Choose // If Set To 3: NoBlock Normally with No Choose Option! es_xsetinfo mode "2" [/B] If "mode" set to "1" Player will be able to write in chat: !block to block OR !unblock To Not Block If "mode" set to "2" Player will be able to write in chat: #block to call the menu and then choose his option (Block OR NoBlock) If "mode" set to "3" Will Set player in NoBlock mode with no any option of typing somthing to makes him block\NoBlock ** Sorry About my Bad english ** Have fun ^^


add to your autoexec.cfg OR server.cfg file the line bellow: es_load inoblock If your server runs "Mani Admin Plugin" you can add the lines bellow to your rconlist.txt "iNoBlock: ON" es_load inoblock "iNoBlock: OFF" es_unload inoblock Have fun.

Version Notes For 1.0

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