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HideExec: Marines Vs Predators [BETA][OB] - Version 1.0

posted on 2010-09-26 05:36:17
by Im the new guy


[u][b]A NEW UPDATED VERSION OF THE MOD IS AVAILABLE. GO TO: TO DOWNLOAD IT[/b][/u] [color=red][size=200]Marines Vs Predators[/size][/color] This is a simple Marines Vs Predators mod coded in ESS. For those who have no idea what mvp is about, it is very simple. Destroy the other team. [u][b]Marines[/b][/u] Marines have the option to purchase weapons from spawn (depending what the admin restricts). Their health and speed is normal. Their main objective was to clear the area of predators, but the hunters have become the hunted. They must survive by using team work and strategy. [u][b]Predators[/b][/u] Predators are armed with night vision goggles, heightened speed and a large amount of health (which by default regenerates). They must hunt down and destroy all the marines in order to keep reeking havoc on the surrounding areas. Armed only with a knife, the predator must use cunning and stealth to slay his opponents. [i][b]All models are included in file.[/b][/i] There are a few maps going around at the moment for this mod. I have created my own which I will release on FPS banana on my channel (located in my tag on forums) so stay tuned. [u][/u]


Simple extract the rar file to the appropriate areas. Edit the cfg file in cstrike/cfg/ to your liking. Add es_load mvp into autoexec.cfg or server.cfg Restart server Done! Note: In some cases the Regen mod will not load on the first map load. Simply go into the server and manually change the map. This should fix it.

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Updated on: 2010-10-06 03:59:22 EST by Im the new guy

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