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HideExec: Marines VS Predators 2012 ScreenShot

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HideExec: Marines VS Predators 2012 - Version 2.2

posted on 2012-08-19 00:16:24
by Im the new guy

Requires: Requires the latest version of eventscripts


[size=200][color=red][b]Marines Vs Predators[/b][/color][/size] [b]Overview[/b] A team of highly trained special ops soldiers who go by the name of Shadow Hand have been sent in to investigate a potential unknown threat. They were dispatched 2 weeks ago and communication has since been lost. Your team has been sent in to find out what happened to Shadow Hand and assess the threat. Little do you know that your rescue mission will soon be turned into a fight for survival. [b]Marines[/b] Your mission is to survive and eliminate the predators. You will have the option to purchase weapons from spawn and have standard health and speed. Use team work and strategy to stay in communications with each other and survive! [b]Predators[/b] Your operations on earth have been discovered and you must clean up any evidence of your visit. Use your enhanced speed and stamina to destroy any marines that get in your way. You must use your cunning and stealth to stalk your prey and eliminate any survivors. All models are included with the pack and I will be linking a map pack in the future.


[b]IMPORTANT NOTE:[/b] You must install an autokick disabler for this mod to work. To do this, simply go to: and follow the very simple installation guide. Once installed, complete the following: Upload the contents of this zip file to your server. Be sure to merge the folders. Edit the text file located at: addons/eventscripts/mvp/es_mvp.txt and change the configurations to your liking. Edit the cfg file located at addons/eventscripts/healthregen/healthregen.cfg and adjust the health regen options to your liking. Add es_load mvp to autoexec.cfg (located in cstrike/cfg/) Restart your server and your done!

Version Notes For 2.2

Updated on: 2012-09-19 06:03:25 EST by Im the new guy (View Zip Contents)
Added premium user support (add steamID in script) [Help you raise money to fund your servers!] -----Skin has been added to package. Experienced scripters will be able to change this skin. Added Chat command for team ratio script "mvp_ratio <value>" Added Start NVGs for Marines (should start on) Added extra ammo for marines (triggered whenever they pick up a gun. Customised ammo variable (nominate how much ammo the player receives). Added a basic gun menu with price customization abilities. <- Set the values next to the weapon name. Added weapon restriction support. Commands: -----!restrict <weapon> -- Adds a weapon restriction to the list. -----!unrestrict <weapon> -- Removes a weapon restriction to the list. -----!restrict knife_only -- Enables knife only rounds (does not reset restriction) -----!unrestrict knife_only -- Disables knife only rounds (does not reset restriction) -----NOTE: you must NOT type weapon_ in front of the weapon name: ----------!restrict weapon_m249 = BAD ----------!restrict m249 = GOOD -----NOTE: Weapons that you restrict via the say command will be unrestricted if the script/server is reloaded. If the map is changed, the weapon restrictions will remian the same. -----To add permenant weapon restrictions, edit restricted_weapons variable in mvp script.

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