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Headcrab Hunter 2 - Version v2.00

posted on 2007-09-13 13:48:36
by Grey Echo



Headcrab Hunter 2 is a complete mod for Counter-Strike: Source. While it is similar to most zombie-based mods out there, it's also different in many ways. With this mod, you're dealing with something never seen before; headcrabs. They've invaded, and depending on the map you're playing on, you must either survive their attack or destroy them all before time runs out. There are two functionalities available: humans against human-controlled headcrabs, and humans against bot-controlled headcrabs. Both are 100% supported and fully operational, and are very different when it comes to gameplay. Ultimately, it's up the the server owner as to which one they'd prefer to use. If you choose the bot-controlled headcrabs funcionality, humans will be CTs, and the bots Ts. The teams are static, and cannot be altered in any way. Both humans and headcrabs respawn at certain intervals, but the headcrabs respawn faster as to make the game more difficult. This mode promotes more teamwork than the other, as the only way the humans have any chance of winning is if they stick together and kill all of the headcrabs at their spawn. If you choose the human-controlled headcrabs funcionality, bots are completely disabled from the host server. Players can take the roll of both the humans and the headcrabs. When a player joins, he/she has a choice of which side he/she wishes to join. They can switch teams at any time, but to make things fair, a team balancer is in effect. The good thing about this mode is that it's well-supported, and has a lot of features. For instance, living infection. Living infection means that if a headcrab dies near a human, the human has a 33% chance of being infected with the headcrab's blood, and near-instantly becoming a zombie with a headcrab on their head (naturally). These zombies are sided with the headcrabs, and while the human can opt out of this by switching teams, once again, the team balancer is in effect. This mod will work with nearly all maps. Default maps have been tested the most, but the main script has been designed to change based upon the map. Any map it doesn't recognize it will automatically adjust to the optimal values. ZM, ZH, and ZE maps should all work under this mod. Customization galore for server operators, and its sure to please the smallest of audiences, and the largest. If it's original and would make a hell of a good time... It's Headcrab Hunter 2.

Version Notes For v2.00

Updated on: 2007-12-28 21:34:09 EST by Grey Echo (View Zip Contents)
- Added living infection funcionality (HUMAN-ONLY). - Added server command hh_zombie_health. - Added server command hh_spawn_on_join. - Added server command hh_living_infection. - Added !info client command. - Added a new zombie model (Zombine). - Added random starting round music funcionality for hh_music. - Fixed all server commands so that they work properly. - Fixed all client commands so that they work properly. - Fixed script so that adding most server commands manually to the server.cfg is no longer needed. - Fixed skybox and lighting changes on map start. - Fixed hh.cfg so that changes in server commands register properly. - Fixed !guns menu for humans and made it display properly. - Fixed !guns menu so that it removes the player's current weapon before giving them the new one. - Fixed round start messages. - Fixed round end messages. - Fixed rounds ending correctly at 0:00, even for objective-type maps. - Fixed some minor typos. - Fixed some minor graphical errors. - Fixed some minor gameplay glitches. - Fixed headcrabs/zombies sometimes having access to guns. - Removed old frazzle zombie model. - Removed server command hh_frazzle_health. - Removed !timeleft client command. - Removed server command hh_guns_menu. - Disabled !guns menu for headcrabs/zombies. - Changed headcrab and zombie speeds to increase overall difficulty for human team. - Changed the guns menu so that is required and incorporated into the script. - Simplified installation process. - Optimized all scripts. - Updated global version information.

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