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HeadcrabHell (zombiemod version) ScreenShot

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HeadcrabHell (zombiemod version) - Version b3.0

posted on 2010-01-02 16:21:14
by stabby



[b][color=#BF0000][size=250]headcrabhell beta3 (zombiemod version)[/b][/size][/color] Requirements: Eventscripts 1.5+, ESTools 0.420c+, Zombiemod by C0ldfyre 2.0+ - Fight against hordes of respawning headcrabs which will get progressively stronger / faster / jumpier the more u kill them. - 2 classes of crabs babycrabs/mothercrabs. - At the start of a round humans have 15 seconds to run for their lives until the crabs are released. - Counter to see when you've killed 100, 500, 1000 crabs etc... - crabs occasionally have a special high jump - interacts with zm_tools3.x Skins by [url=]S-low[/url]


Installation: 1) Unzip the package to your gameservers cstrike directory 2) Configure headcrabhell by editing cfg/headcrabhell/settings.cfg 3) Add to your server's autoexec.cfg: es_load headcrabhell (or load via RCON or admin menus) 4) Restart server or change map.

Version Notes For b3.0

Updated on: 2010-02-12 08:14:18 EST by stabby (View Zip Contents)
2.3-3.0 - Fixed zombiemod issue where round would end after 15 secs. when only one player is playing. - Fixed noblock. - Added mode to load/unload headcrabhell depending on playercount of the server. - Recoded alot of other small things. 2.2-2.3 - Improved crab 'AI' (now even jumpier) - Fixed some minor bugs.

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