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gg_assist - Version 1.4

posted on 2010-05-19 13:06:53
by XE_ManUp


[quote]The only thing that counts in GunGame is who gets the kill to level up. Don't you hate it when you do 98 damage to one of your enemies and some lucky teammate who has been cowering behind you cracks off the final shot to steal your kill? Welcome to GunGame Assist - where you now earn assist points for the damage you have done which can be redeemed for a level once you reach 100 assist points. The points are awarded as a percentile of the damage that you have done. You can hoard the points and redeem them for a last minute takeover, or redeem them on that really annoying level that you hate them most. With GG Assist, your kills are always rewarded. In Addition: [list][*]Players are only rewarded assist points for damage done to players that they did not kill. [*]If a player does not die and the round ends, assist points will not be rewarded. [*]You lose assist points on map change. [*]To redeem points, or view how many points you have, type [b]!assist[/b] in chat. [*]Multi-language support is included, but I need translations for languages other than English. [*]This is a custom addon for GunGame5.1[/list] [/quote]


[quote][list][*]Extract this file to your server [*]Restart your server or reload GunGame [*]Edit the newly appeared [b]../cfg/gungame51/custom_addon_configs/gg_assist.cfg[/b] [*]Restart your server, reload GunGame, or run [b]rcon gg_assist 0[/b] then [b]rcon gg_assist 1[/b] [/list][/quote]

Version Notes For 1.4

Updated on: 2010-06-03 00:24:00 EST by XE_ManUp (View Zip Contents)
[list][*]Fixed earning assist points for hurting teammates (as reported by PabloP). [*]Fixed a bug to where if a player suicided or fell to their death (killed by "world"), assist points would not be awarded. This was also discovered due to looking into the teammate damage reported by PabloP. [/list]

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