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gHook - Version 1.06

posted on 2010-05-09 12:27:21
by Sulff


edit: if anyone want to modify this addon and redistribute it at its own credits, use the code in another addon etc. you re 100% free to do it I dont care about it anymore :p This addon give you a grapple. There is 2 modes : one with dynamic speed and another fixed. This is primarily intended to be played with the dynamic speed (hook_mode = 1).


uncompress the archive in cstrike folder and type "es_load ghook" in autoexec.cfg To be used, you need to bind a key to "+ghook". For example, type bind f "+ghook" in the console and you will be able to use the grapple with the F key.

Version Notes For 1.06

Updated on: 2010-05-10 12:41:00 EST by Sulff (View Zip Contents)
1.01 - The skin isn't a laser anymore like on video, it's a rope. 1.05 - Each map needs a config file. There is 2 possibilities : - Let it generate automatically at the first launch of the map (= do nothing). Default values will be taken from line 18 and 19 in, which you can change. - Copy paste a preexisting config file (you need at least to let generate 1 file), and rename it. Config files are located in the maps repertory. For exemple : copy de_dust2.cfg and rename it to de_piranesi.cfg, then edit the values inside. This allows to have an independant config for each map, and in the eventuality someone create a special hook map (lol) he will be able to release it with the appropriated config file. 1.06 - added a welcome message with explanations for how to use the grapple for guests. delete the line 37 if you want to remove it.

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