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Remove Doors - Version 1.0

posted on 2010-04-29 05:48:08
by jamesY


Simple addon to remove func_door entity. I made it for my Surf Greatriver Maps deathmatch server so the doors in the jails stay open all the time and ensure they will. I was using mapfix to do this before. Decided to make a simple addon for it instead. Config: None. If you want to... Edit the script to remove other entities at the start of a map/round start. This is my first addon. Very simple. Indeed.


[b]Update:[/b] None. Just Moved file structure to "addons/eventscripts/func_door" folder and zipped "addons" for approval. Extract to your "cstrike" directory then add es_load func_door to your autoexec.cfg xD

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