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enforce - Version 1.1b

posted on 2010-04-05 10:32:19
by stabby


Enforce is a complete rules/server management/enforcement tool for source engine games. Reported & Warned players will be logged into a database with relevant information such as who reported or warned the person, what rule was broken, what time it happened etc.. etc.. , offender database can be retrieved ingame through the enforce admin menu. [size=24][b]Key features[/b][/size] - Players can report others for rulebreaking - Admins can issue warnings. - Automatic punishments after X warnings. - 9 punishments to choose from. - Admin menu for logging players' information, retrieving information in the database. - AntiRetry: automatically warn players who use reconnecting/retry command - Chat hook: players get warned if using blacklisted words. - Rulesmenu on join & chat command. - Highly configurable, 3 punishment levels allowed per rule, add as many rules as you want. - optional hooking of mani admin voteban/votekick to report feature. - Logs record of bans by mani admin/sourcemod etc.. into the database. - Bans both IPs & SteamIDs - Logging feature to log all enforce and admin actions & Log IP & SteamID on connect. - Option to announce to admins when a reported/rulebreaker has joined the game. - Keeps track of namechangers. [size=20]Available server console commands:[/size] [b][color=#004080]enforce_warn[/b][uid/steamid] [fromname] [reason][/color] - Issues a warning. [b][color=#004080]enforce_punish[/b] [uid/steamid] [fromname] [type][/color] - Punishments. [b][color=#004080]enforce_report[/b] [uid] [fromname] [reason][/color] - Report a player. [b][color=#004080]enforce_ban[/b] [IP/UID][/color] - Bans a player. [b][color=#004080]enforce_clearentry [/b][uid/steamid][/color] - Clears an entry from the database. [b][color=#004080]enforce_getip[/b] [uid][/color] - Returns Enforce_IP variable with players IP address. [b][color=#004080]enforce_resetdb[/b][/color] - Reset the database. [size=20]Available client console commands:[/size] [b][color=#004080]enforce_admin [/b][/color] - Opens Enforce admin Menu. [size=20]Available say commands:[/size] [b][color=#004080]votekick[/b][/color] - can be hooked to report [b][color=#004080]voteban[/b][/color] - can be hooked to report [b][color=#004080]!report[/b][/color] - report rulebreakers [b][color=#004080]!rules[/b][/color] - Displays rulemenu


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [size=24]Installation:[/size] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Requirements: [b]Eventscripts 2.0+[/b] (MANI admin is required for mute feature) - Unzip the contents of this zip to your gameserver's [b]cstrike[/b] directory - Add to your autoexec.cfg: [b]es_xload enforce1[/b] - Configure & Restart server. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [size=24]Configuration:[/size] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) Configuring the script by editing the file: [b]cstrike/cfg/enforce/settings.cfg[/b] 2) Configure messages by editing the file: [b]cstrike/cfg/enforce/languages/english.cfg[/b] 3) Configure the rules database by editing the file: [b]cstrike/addons/eventscripts/enforce1/es_rulesdb_db.txt[/b] here's an entry for a rule with explanation. [code] "BLOCKING" [color=#FF0000]Identifier for in database, keep this one word [/color] { "displayname" "Blocking" [color=#FF0000]Reason to be displayed in chat.[/color] "rulename" "Dont block players!" [color=#FF0000]Rule to be displayed in rulesmenu.[/color] "punish1" "BAN:10" [color=#FF0000]First punishment.[/color] "punish1_threshold" "1" [color=#FF0000]After how many warnings first punishment.[/color] "punish2" "BAN:30" [color=#FF0000]Second punishment.[/color] "punish2_threshold" "2" [color=#FF0000]After how many warnings second punishment.[/color] "punish3" "PERMBAN" [color=#FF0000]Third punishment.[/color] "punish3_threshold" "3" [color=#FF0000]After how many warnings third punishment.[/color] "description" "" [color=#FF0000]optional long description for rule.[/color] }[/code] or delete rules by cutting out sections. the example above would mean right after the first warning by admin the player would get a 10 min ban. on second warning a 30 minute ban etc... you can add as many rules as u want but each rule must have 3 punish thresholds. Available punishments as of 1.0: [color=#004080][b]KICK BAN:[/b][time][b] PERMBAN FREEZE EXPLODE DISARM MUTE UNBLOCK SLOW[/b][/color]

Version Notes For 1.1b

Updated on: 2010-04-09 11:47:12 EST by stabby (View Zip Contents)
1.1a-1.1b - Fixed MUTE punishment - Removed obsolete file from installation package [color=#FF0000][b]NOTE[/b]: If after a while of having enforce on your server you are experiencing lags, back up your database and use enforce_resetdb server console command or delete the file es_offenderdb_db.txt from your enforce1 directory[/color]

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