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empires_api - Version 0.10 Alpha

posted on 2009-05-21 00:54:54
by Omega_K2


[b]What is Empires API?:[/b] Empires API has been provided to create some easy to use and more natrual functions/classes for empiresmod instead of using playerprops etc directly. In addition, it is supposed to provide some convience functions for features which might be used a lot during scripting for empires. As of now it only features a PYTHON import version, but a ESS script is in the works. That ESS script can be loaded by es_load empapi. [b]Which naming convention are you following?:[/b] All functions in the script follow the follwing convention: [list] [*]Each part of the function name is captilised (ex. [i]game.GetCurrentResearchName[/i]) [*]Incase a function returns multiple values it will use Get<name> (ex. [i]player.GetTurretsAllotted[/i]) [*]If possible, each get funciton also provides a Set function (ex. [i]player.SetTurretsAllotted)[/i] [*]Functions returning a boolean will use Is or Has instead of Get (ex. [i]player.IsProne[/i], [i]game.HasRadar[/i]) [*]Functions setting a boolean will use Set<name>State (ex. [i]building.SetBuiltState[/i]) [*]Dict keys ingore captilaisation (ex. [i]player['class'][/i], [i]player['CLASS'][/i], [i]player['ClAsS'][/i] will work) [*]Dict keys equal to the function names with Get/Set stripped (ex. [i]player['health'][/i]) [*]Dict keys using Is/Has functions will have their name stripped aswell, however Has/Is is provided, too ([i]player['prone'][/i] and [i]player['isprone] [/i]possible) [*]Classes are lower case (except for Help class to prevent overriding python's help) [/list] [b]Which features are planned?:[/b] Since this is an Alpha release there are more upcoming features. These features include, but are not limited to: [list] [*]ESS Support [*]Optimised python code [*]Improved error checking/handling in the python module [*]More features [*]Possible support for attribute usage [*]Extended help feature [/list]


Extract the zip into your Empires folder. Incase you are upgrading from an old version, a server restart is recommended. However, as of 0.10 it is possible to reload the api scripts manually. To do so please execute [i]es_load empapi/update[/i]. In addition, you'll need to reload any script that uses empires_api.

Version Notes For 0.10 Alpha

Updated on: 2009-06-09 08:54:53 EST by Omega_K2 (View Zip Contents)
[b]0.10 Alpha Changelog:[/b] [list][*]Added a check whether empires mod is running upon api load [*]Added support for using the classes like dicts [*]Added SetHealth and GetHealth functions to player class [*]Added GetOrigin/SetOrigin/GetOriginString/GetOriginString aliases; supported in tank and building class [*]Added several ([b]around 50![/b]) new functions to the player class [*]Added Helper class provding some help features [*]Added a empapi/update script allowing to update the script without having to restart server [*]Improved script struture; added several comments (tank class) [*]Improved handling sides in tank armor functions; they automatically lower the input to avoid captilisaiton issues [*]Improved handling of inputs that are required to be a boolean (Supports strings, too) [*]Changed researchdata in the gameclass to be automatically parsed upon the first class init (Should have eleminated the need of updating the list manually upon new mod version; might cause issues if you directly used researchdata before) [*]Changed tank armor functions to retrieve the side data from class properties instead [*]Changed classes to retrieve manager entity indexes upon class init only once [*]Changed classes to store manager entity indexes in a manager dict [*]Changed player class to set userindex console var upon class init only once [*]Changed GetOrigin/SetOrigin in the building class to be inherited from the shared object instead [*]Fixed the error raised in game.__VerifyRearchItem; it won't output a list of valid research items anymore (caused a BufferOverflow) [*]Fixed SetSabotageState missing the function parameter "state" [*]Fixed script's header information to be shown properly when calling python's help() function [/list]

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