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eWWTools - Version 0.0.2

posted on 2010-07-16 05:10:39
by shell


First of all, this requires some groups and 3 powers (u can change the groupnames safe): [code]// eWW | Groups es gauth group create "eRoot" server_var(AUTHSERVICE_ROOT) es gauth group create "eAdmin" server_var(AUTHSERVICE_ADMIN) es gauth group create "eClan" server_var(AUTHSERVICE_POWERUSER) // eWW | Powers gauth power give "isRoot" "eRoot" gauth power give "isAdmin" "eAdmin" gauth power give "isClan" "eClan" [/code] These powers define the access rights for authed users, also some features are depending on which power the user has. Now lets get some more informations about the features (most features are set in the config): - noBlock if active all players will stop blocking each other (good on scoutzknivez etc) - welcomeMessages if active all Players will be announce after activate, the message can contain: name, steam, ip, country. There are some settings in the config and languagefiles to determine how message will be displayed. Note: It is also possible to switch between welcome for each group (root, admin, clan, user) or clan and user only, just test what fits your needs. - knifeKill Bonus Each knifeKill will give (configvalue)HP to the attacker. - knifeKill doubleBonus (group: eClan) If the attacker has the clan-power and iTools are on in config, the player will get the double amount of HP. - dmageInfo Shows a Message of dealt DMG in the chat for yourself if on. - dmageInfo hideClan (group: eClan, override by eRoot) If on you can't see dmg dealt to clanMembers - root always can. - killInfo On each kill the victim gets a message with weapon was used to kill him and gets the HP-left info of the attacker - killInfo hideClan (group: eClan, override by eRoot) Same as dmgInfo hideClan for killmessages. - shortAdmin _eAdmin in console brings an kick, ban, kickban, slay and slap 1hp menu if user is admin or root. - eCommands _eAdmin => admins+, _eGod => admins+ (godmode), _eSpeed => admins+ (3* faster speed), _eClip => root (noclip) can be used in console to toggle those modes on yourself. - customPrefix All Chatmessage can have a special prefix eg clanTag or else... (see configuration) - iToolsHealth/Armor If active clan(root, admin) get configurable ammount of bonushealth and 100 armor on spawn.


Just download the file and put it in "eWWTools/" in your eventscripts-addonfolder. Configuration will be written on first start, language also does this. Note: Configuration is versionbased - on Update you need to reconfigure (or move config to new name) - this is forced by design.

Version Notes For 0.0.2

Updated on: 2010-07-19 03:29:25 EST by shell
[b]Move your config to _eWWTools_002.cfg![/b] - New: Rulespopup - New: Advanced Deadchat (Clan & Adminprefixes (not language based - might be in next release) - Changed: Adminmenu now lets current action open - Changed: Cancel in AdminAction brings adminMenu back. - Changed: Version bump 0.0.2 - Fixed: DmageDisplay filters - New: _eWWTools_rules.db - here an example for fileData: [code]// LANG|(0|X|1)|TEXT de|X|Serverregeln de|1|Keine Spawnkills de|1|Keine Beleidigungen de|1|Keine Diskussionen de|1|Kein Campen de|1|Kein Betteln de|1|Adminanweisungen folgen de|1|Serversprache: englisch / deutsch en|X|Serverrules en|1|No spawnkills en|1|No scathes en|1|No discussions en|1|No camp en|1|No begging en|1|Follow admininstructions en|1|Serverlanguage: english / german [/code] Linecodes: X => Headline 1 => Numberedline 0 => Textline

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