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By pressing "!dollar" you get "16000" Money ( config.cfg ) *FIX* - Version 2.0

posted on 2010-11-07 14:02:41
by Gazzari


If you write "!dollar" in the Chat a "I need a dollar, dollar..." sound play 8 seconds, after "6" seconds you get "16000" Money. The addon is very nice for Fun-Server. Edit the config: 1. What command is given money. 2. The money should be given after which time. 3. How much money should be given. Dont forget to -- [b]+woot[/b] Thanks ---- Wenn du "!dollar" in den Chat schreibst, kommt ein "I need a dollar, dollar..." Sound 8 Sekunden lang. Nach "6" Sekunden bekommt man "16000" Money. Das Addon ist gut fuer Fun-Server. Bearbeite die Config: 1. Mit welchem Befehl Money gegeben wird. 2. Nach welcher Zeit das Money gegeben werden soll. 3. Wieviel Money gegeben werden soll. Nicht vergessen das -- [b]+woot[/b] abzugeben. Danke


The installation is very simple. [LIST=1] [*]_1. You unzip the zip file. [*]__2. a) In the "Server" folder you draw the addons & sound folder to your server. [*]__2. b) In the "FastDL" folder you draw the sound folder to your FastDL-Server. [*]____3. You write in your autoexec.cfg "es_load dollar" [*]_____4. You have to restart your server or mapchange. [/LIST] [________________________..:"Have FUN":..________________________]

Version Notes For 2.0

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