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Caskio's Credit System - Version 3.0

posted on 2007-07-16 12:26:28
by CaskioUTF



[b]This script allows the server administrator to set weapons to be purchasable if the player has earned enough credits, from killing, to buy the weapon. Weapons can also be restricted.[/b] Just type !buy and a menu with categories will appear. navigate through he categories and a list of weapons or equipment will be displayed. A player can only open the menu a set number of times. You can set the number credits a player gets on their first connection to the map, per round, and per kill by team. A maximum amount of credits can be set so a person has to use their credits to earn more. NOT RECCOMMENDED FOR USE WITH BOTS

Version Notes For 3.0

Updated on: 2007-09-06 02:08:15 EST by CaskioUTF (View Zip Contents)
[b]V3.0[/b] ---------------------------- -removed menu timeouts -added sell-back feature -added transfer credits to other players feature [b]V2.7[/b] ---------------------------- -added menu timeouts [b]V2.65[/b] ---------------------------- -added server reg [b]V2.6[/b] ---------------------------- -fixed special abilities restriction -fixed jump and speed randomness [b]V2.5[/b] ---------------------------- -changed restriction method -optimization pass -added by team kill credits -added Special menu -added health to special -added armor to special -added jump to special -added speed to special -added Dead menu -added respawn to dead [b]V2.3[/b] ---------------------------- -fixed menu display [b]V2.25[/b] ---------------------------- -fixed weapon pickup bug -added buy uses to prevent spamming [b]V2.1[/b] ---------------------------- -Menus display credit requirments automatically [b]V2.0[/b] ---------------------------- -Added submenus for each weapon category -Added the rest of the weapons -Optimization Pass -fixed version display -fixed credit bug -fixed repurchase bug [b]V1.3[/b] ------------------------------ -added flashbang -fixed bug that allowed players to pickup weapons without credit [b]V1.2[/b] ------------------------------ -added weapon variables in the config block -added make weapons restricted with -1 -changed item_pickup block for each weapon

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