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CheapEmote - Version 3

posted on 2008-03-27 03:07:29
by SuperDave


Provides chat triggers to display emote icons above player heads. Requires only ES Options:[syntax="es"]// CheapEmote release 3 options // ./addons/eventscripts/cheapemote/cheapemote.cfg // // Load this addon with: es_load cheapemote // Thanks to Einlanzers, Mattie, Venjax, and Wonder for their work on the original script! // All models included with CheapEmote are by Venjax. The original Emote can be found here: // // ***** Delay option ***** // Number of seconds to show emote icon cheapemote_expiredelay 5 // ***** Sound options ***** // Number of seconds after triggering a sound a player must wait to trigger another sound cheapemote_sound_delay 5 // Volume to play sounds (0.0 = no sound, 1.0 = full volume) cheapemote_sound_volume 1 // Attenuation to use when playing sounds (0.0 = entire map, 1.0 = single player) cheapemote_sound_attenuation 0 // ***** Icon/trigger options ***** // Use the following server command to add emote icons/triggers: // cheapemote_addicon -"trigger"- -"icon path"- ["sound relative to ./sound/"] // Each icon requires: // ./materials/models/extras/-icon path-/speech_info.vmt // ./materials/models/extras/-icon path-/speech_info.vtf // ./models/extras/-icon path-/info_speech.dx80.vtx // ./models/extras/-icon path-/info_speech.dx90.vtx // ./models/extras/-icon path-/info_speech.mdl // ./models/extras/-icon path-/info_speech.phy // ./models/extras/-icon path-/info_speech.sw.vtx // ./models/extras/-icon path-/info_speech.vvd // Place your cheapemote_addicon commands below: // Uncomment the following default options if you wish to use them: // cheapemote_addicon "m!" "mbang" // cheapemote_addicon ":)" "smile" // cheapemote_addicon ":(" "frown" // cheapemote_addicon "lol" "grin" // cheapemote_addicon ":o" "ooh" // cheapemote_addicon ":P" "ras" // The following server command can be used to remove emote triggers: // cheapemote_removeicon -"trigger"- // Due to the fact emote icons/triggers can be added and removed above, this command will not be used by most users. [/syntax] Please see the forum link below if you have questions or comments.


Install with:[syntax="es"]es_install cheapemote[/syntax]Load once for [b]cheapemote.cfg[/b] to appear:[syntax="es"]es_load cheapemote[/syntax]Configure your options in [b]cheapemote.cfg[/b] and then reload the addon.

Version Notes For 3

Updated on: 2009-06-28 21:24:10 EST by SuperDave (View Zip Contents)
- Updated to use cmdlib - Included icons in download ('doh!) - Added comments to code

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